Azealia Banks Most Influential Female Rapper Post Nicki Minaj?

There are a lot of people out there who seem to dislike Azealia Banks, but one thing you can’t do is discredit her artistry. She reposted what seems to be a fans comment on Instagram and replied saying that she is the most influential female rapper post Nicki Minaj… she is absolutely right.

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Azalea Banks has had success in the past which has been greatly overshadowed by the general publics opinion on her due to her blunt online rants and bold statements during interviews. It got to the point where her actions were getting in the way of her talent. There is nothing worse than seeing someone who is beyond talented not being given the chance or credit they truly deserve based on their actions.  “My words are powerful, when I speak the people ALWAYS react,” Banks says in her statement.

Hopefully Banks has seen how quickly and heavily her words can negatively affect her career. But with this new era there seems to be a drastic change.

There is no denying that Banks has impacted the rap industry for females in other ways that Nicki Minaj hasn’t. Banks became widely popular for her flow not only as an artist but also a writer and how she managed to blend both gay and rap culture in her songs which is something very rare to be done by rappers.

After taking a small hiatus break from social media, Banks is returning and in the process of releasing her next album, Fantasea II: The Second Wave. Bless yourself and stream all her music.

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