Rachel Dolezal Stars in Netflix Documentary


If you thought Rachel Dolezal would drop from the planet of the earth after she became an overnight scandal… you were wrong. Who can ever forget the woman who claims and identify as Black when in reality she is a Caucasian from the Caucasus Mountains.

Netflix announced that Dolezal would star in her documentary, The Rachel Divide set to be released on April 27. Since then, Netflix has received more than enough of backlash for giving Dolezal this platform and opportunity to basically share her story which not many people would want to hear.

In the trailer you see Dolezal speaking to her son and you can tell that he is not happy with any of this and he even says that he’s not a big fan of the decisions that she has been making. To defend herself she says to him, “when something gets destroyed you have to rebuild it.” She should focus on rebuilding her children’s lives instead of pretending to be  black.

It’s assuming how right her son is about everything he says to her and she ignores all of it. Watch the trailer for the documentary below.

Will you be watching?


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