Kathy Griffin Will Always Be Our Queen



Before you read this post just know that I am a huge Kathy Griffin fan.. little warning.

Our very own sis, auntie, and cousin Kathy Griffin has been thru a lot of shit these past months since her anti-Trump scandal, in which I thought was hilarious and well-deserved to Donald Trump. However, the general public and media, knowing Griffin is a comedian and known for pulling stunts like these did not take the humor side of this situation and decided to tear down her career.

As a fan, watching this was extremely hard only because Griffin obviously meant for this to be funny and not a “threat against the President” like the media made it out to be. She became the topic of countless interviews and talk-shows, even celebrities who knew her personally were speaking out publicly against her, basically shunning her.

Well, Auntie Kathy did not let this stop her and ruin the career she has worked her ass for, instead she will be going on a WORLD tour ladies and gent.


People are calling it a “return” and “comeback,” they should know better because Kathy Griffin never left.

Head over to Kathy’s website to see upcoming tour dates and buy tickets!


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