Is Janelle Monáe The Female Prince?

GIF Credit: Giphy

Janelle Monáe has been widely known for her unique style in fashion and music. When she first came out she was probably the only artist that was doing short films as music video before it became as popular as it is now.


And we cannot ignore the fact that she has been WINNING this past year by transitioning into an actress and taking roles in amazing films like Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Monáe has managed to push herself and jump over so many obstacles throughout her career that it is honestly inspirational.

GIF Credit: Tumblr

Is it almost too crazy to consider her the female Prince? They both have so many similarities when it comes to fashion choices and always reinventing themselves musically. They can never be put in a box or labeled as a certain type of artist, they stand outside the box and find ways to kick it until it breaks open.


Monáe released the music video for her newest single, ‘Make Me Feel,’ and it is a pro-bisexuality heaven anthem. It’s also a bop. Even before knowing that Prince took part in creating this song you can almost immediately tell, just by hearing Monáe sing the first verse you can almost hear Prince himself singing it. It just gives you Prince vibes all around.

The song is so crisp and direct and ties beautifully with the visuals, it is a complete masterpiece.

Bravo Monáe.

Watch the ‘Make Me Feel’ music video below!